Our Fli-Fi sports WiFi PaWs are used at local and national sports events, to ensure that reliable connectivity is achieve for social media , press and media teams, online registration and competitor apps, and production communication.

We recognise that the individual needs for sports Wi-Fi at your event or activity are very different but the key things we think you should know:

fli-fi-blue-100x85We prepare your sports WiFi solution in advance and ship it to you for ‘out of the box’ operation where all you have to do is switch it on and get connected

fli-fi-blue-100x85We can provide a splash page for your guests to enter their details for registration before using the Fli-Fi PaW

fli-fi-blue-100x85The Fli-Fi PaW can be combined to allow connectivity for up to 250 unique devices

fli-fi-blue-100x85We’ve got your back. We remotely monitor and support our PaW

fli-fi-blue-100x85Our PaWs are no bigger than a shoe box and capable of being left out in the cold and wet. They work on mains power but also contain batteries to provide up to 10hrs of power if necessary

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