Providing mobile WiFi at outdoor events and festivals is where it all started for us so we have bags of experience. Whether you’re running a small local event or a big national festival, we can get you and your visitors connected

We recognise that the individual needs of each event are very different and we understand that you don’t want to be worrying about connectivity performance, so we take full accountability of your connectivity from start to finish.  With our WiFi experts available throughout your event you’ll be well supported

Here are some of the benefits of our outdoor WiFi solutions:

fli-fi-blue-100x85We carry out full pre-event site surveys to ensure that our solution will work reliably when you need it to.

fli-fi-blue-100x85No technical expertise is required to use our WiFi solutions

fli-fi-blue-100x85A Fli-Fi PaW can be prepared in advance and shipped to your event for true ‘out of the box’ operation where all you have to do is switch it on and connect

fli-fi-blue-100x85Any device which has WiFi can use it

fli-fi-blue-100x85We can provide a splash page for your event guests to enter their details for registration before using the Fli-Fi PaW

fli-fi-blue-100x85Fli-Fi PaWs can be combined to provide access for up to 250 uniquely connecting mobile or fixed devices

fli-fi-blue-100x85Our Fli-Fi packages include a sizeable data allowance, with additional data bundles available if you have big data demands

fli-fi-blue-100x85We remotely monitor and support our PaW

fli-fi-blue-100x85Our PaWs are about as big as a shoe box, weatherproof, work on mains power but also contain batteries to provide up to 10hrs of power if necessary

fli-fi-blue-100x85Our PaWs are capable of recording data on everyone who users them to allow marketing information to be collated on visitors or users

We’d be delighted to talk to you about your event and give you a specific quotation.  Simply provide us with a few details and we will do all the running from there

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