Fli-FI’s Education Wi-Fi services fit well with educational organisations.  We always look to fully understand your complete requirements before getting you a firm price but without this detail we can still share how one of our Fli-Fi PaWs can help your field trips, weekends away, school grounds activities, PTA event or anything else you might be thinking of….

fli-fi-blue-100x85We pre-configure our PaW and ship it to you and all you need to do is switch it on and connect

fli-fi-blue-100x85As long as you are using Wi-Fi capable devices they will connect

fli-fi-blue-100x85We can combine our PaWs to provide access for up to 250 unique connections

fli-fi-blue-100x85Our packages always include a sizeable data allowance, with additional data bundles available if you have big data demands

fli-fi-blue-100x85You are always in safe hands as we remotely support our PaWs

fli-fi-blue-100x85The PaW is about as big as a shoe box, not affected by the weather and works on mains power with batteries to provide up to 10hrs of power if necessary

fli-fi-blue-100x85Complete access to your portal for anyone using the PaW


We’d really like to talk to you some more about your education environment and give you a specific quotation.  Please could you provide us with some simple details on the Contact Us page and we will do all the running from there…..

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