Fli-Fi’s construction WiFi PaWs deliver rapid connectivity at short notice for construction sites and building projects. An easy and scaleable option without contractual tie-in’s, Fli-Fi’s WiFi solutions for the construction sector offer flexibility to your ever-changing demands.

We really want to fully understand your complete requirements to enable us to design a solution for you, but without this detail we can still share how one of our Fli-Fi PaWs can help your onsite initial construction team get access to the internet and your private network prior to any formal ‘fixed’ communications network being established….

We recognise that the individual needs of each construction site are very different but the key things we think you should know:

fli-fi-blue-100x85We build and configure a PaW in advance and ship to you so it can just be unpacked, switched on and provide immediate connectivity

fli-fi-blue-100x85Any of your selected business devices with WiFi can use it.

fli-fi-blue-100x85The Fli-Fi PaW can be combined to give access for up to 250 unique mobile or fixed devices

fli-fi-blue-100x85We offer full remotely monitoring and support of our PaWs

fli-fi-blue-100x85Our PaWs are about as big as a shoe box, can withstand most things the weather can come up with along with up to 10hrs supply without power from an on-board battery pack

We’d really like to talk to you and give you a specific quotation.  Please could you provide us with some simple details on the Contact Us page and we will be in touch….

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