Our Business Continuity WiFi PaW can help keep your business, or your client’s business online and operating during a significant event which stops your fixed line internet access from working.

It’s fairly certain you will have unique Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery objectives, a Fli-Fi’s Business Continuity WiFi PaW can help you meet them.

fli-fi-blue-100x85Our PaWs can be pre-configured and shipped to a location of your choice within your agreed SLAs or within Recovery Time Objectives

fli-fi-blue-100x85All you have to do is switch it on and connect

fli-fi-blue-100x85Any device which has WiFi can use it with the option for a fixed network connection

fli-fi-blue-100x85Our Fli-Fi PaW can be configured to handle all critical devices requiring internet access for up to 250 IP addresses

fli-fi-blue-100x85We can provide onsite support for our PaW if needed and as standard provide full remote monitoring and support

We’d really like to talk to you about how we can help keep your business running and to give you a specific quotation.  Please could you provide us with some simple details on the Contact Us page and we will get in touch with you….

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