Understanding your connection

Our mobile WiFi solutions do great things.  They have helped so many companies connect in different ways, it means every use of our WiFi solutions is new and exciting for us. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you.

Fli-Fi PaW benefits

Our WiFi solutions are compact and easy to use with no onsite set-up required . With our PaW’s (Portable access WiFi) we simply ship a small box to you.  Switch it on and connect to it as you would any WiFi box, and you’re up and running. Fully portable, they are ideal for when you need WiFi on the go. And because we’ve configured them in advance, you don’t need to pay for any set-up. Simple, portable and affordable – Genius!


Our WiFi solutions will easily scale to suite your need, it simply becomes a question of how many PaW’s are required to fulfil your demand . When we discuss your requirement we’ll recommend the right solution to ensure you’ll be adequately covered.


Below are some examples of how our WiFi solutions are used:

fli-fi-blue-100x85Enabling street food businesses to run mission critical point of sale applications reliably regardless of their location.

fli-fi-blue-100x85Delivering connectivity for photo booths at brand launches to enable instant printing of photos


By media teams at celebrity charity events, to  deliver event communications and  audio-visual presentations


To enable production crews at large festivals to combat flooded networks and sporadic connectivity.


As a marketing tool to gather data and market intelligence


At temporary office locations, such as building contractor sites, for internet connectivity for the duration of the project.


By sporting event organisers and associated press to deliver live updates via social media and event apps.

Whatever your requirement, one thing is for sure – Fli-Fi delivers – every time.  Our consultancy process will help decide which of our connectivity solutions is right for your requirements.

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