Fli-Fi can support your event, delivering connectivity to suit your specific requirements. Our event WiFi solutions range from multiple WiFi access points which service your entire event site, down to localised connectivity just for the production crew. Fli-Fi has the experience to offer guidance on the best option for your event, and will deliver you a worry free WiFi solution to ensure your event runs smoothly.

How is Fli-Fi event WiFi different?

1. Fli-Fi brings a better mobile WiFi experience where there is limited mobile coverage. Traditional mobile WiFi providers work with only one ISP at a time, whereas we work with multiple – managing the performance for you. This means that we can generate the greatest speeds at any location, offering up to 20MB download speeds.

2. We offer a fully managed WiFi service. This means we’ll bring the WiFi to your event or location and pre-configure your solution to your requirements. We offer a range of different packages depending on whether you’re looking to charge for the WiFi, how many people require access and how much data you would like. You don’t need to worry about the technical aspects as we’ll manage it for you.

3. We offer a scalable WiFi solution so we can add on applications such as payment gateways, extensions to the WiFi network and range, plus additional bandwidth allocation if required. This gives you the flexibility and knowledge that we can meet your internet requirements.

4. We reduce bandwidths required with our unique caching technology. This allows you to reduce data costs or increase profit margins if you are selling the data on to customers. We save up to 30% of data costs with our solution.

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How does it work?

Our systems utilises the already existing mobile data networks that cover over 98% of the UK mainland and once initiated locks onto a base station with the highest through put. Once the internet has established a stable connection the system is ready to accept users onto the open Wi-Fi network. The users would select the appropriate wireless network and be presented with a splash page, enter the relevant mandatory details and then authenticate to the network. Simple.

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Want to know more?

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