‘Keeping you connected’

Fli-Fi delivers our mobile WiFi service to businesses and events across the UK.  We specialise in simple out of the box plug and play mobile internet access for outdoor and temporary locations.

Whatever your location across the UK, or your connectivity requirement, we can connect you to the internet using our mobile WiFi service and ensure your access is reliable and fast. Our temporary WiFi solutions feed the growing demand for reliable access to the internet for the short to mid-term, without contractual tie-ins.

Our cleverly designed portable WiFi boxes called Fli-Fi PaW (Portable access WiFi) are easily transported to location. On the outside, a simple unexciting box which wouldn’t grab too much attention.  On the inside, a perfectly crafted secret recipe of the latest technology which ensures that you get the best access to a reliable WiFi connection at any given location.

Will and the team are available to talk through our WiFi solutions to ensure that you understand exactly what the Fli-Fi PaW can do for you.

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